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Digital Assets Are on the Rise

The investment landscape is rapidly evolving. Only a decade ago, hedge funds, banks, and stockbrokers did not concern themselves with the concept of cryptocurrencies, let alone think about investing in it.

Today, the price movements of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are tracked and reported with great interest, across all types of industries, investors and companies.

CFT Brings Ease to Trading Crypto Assets

Cryptos Fund Trading (CFT) is a team of professionals and experts who understand the world and the workings of the cryptocurrency market. CFT is the avenue for investors looking to increase their profits by diversifying into cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile but investment patterns indicate that the new age investor is betting on cryptocurrencies as a lucrative investment opportunity. Sound, smart investment strategies applied through years of experience and extensive market research can lead to consistent, sustainable profits from trading cryptocurrencies.

Team CFT is a Group of Skilled Financial Experts

CFT aims to leverage the skills and expertise of its team to trade your crypto assets on your behalf and, by application of the strategy that the team develops and improves with the analysis of publicly available market data, deliver profits. A proven track record for delivering consistent and standard exceeding profits is testament to the ability of the team, who have years of experience trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BNB, to name a few.

Team CFT is a group of talented financial consultants with deep industry insights whose prime objective is to deliver consistently high profits for you, regardless of the trend in the cryptocurrency market. We are a team of three top professionals in trading with ten to fifteen years of experience in Finance, Institutional Derivatives Trading and Technology. We have held positions globally in Paris, London, New York, Miami and the Bahamas.

CFT Assures Profits with Security

CFT provides you the ability to pursue your financial goals through cryptocurrency trading. We work with all types of investors – individual, institutional, asset managers, or business owners. We aim to demystify cryptocurrency trading by undertaking the trading activity on your behalf, while ensuring that you retain full control over your portfolios. This involves control over your crypto assets, the trades, the profits from the trades executed by us, and control over their liquidity.

This is enabled by a non-custodial arrangement between us wherein a trading API is created by you on your existing exchange account (Binance) after completing their KYC. This API will ensure the security of your portfolio by granting only trading privileges to our team and retaining the control solely with you.

We will charge you fees for management of your portfolio as well performance fees. Invoicing is done at the end of every quarter and end of month, respectively.

Currently, we are accepting clients with a portfolio of $100,000 and above. So if you are ready to skyrocket your profits from crypto trading, give us a call.

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