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Are the algorithms regularly improved?

Yes. Our algorithms are constantly evolving as a result of our team working on them almost daily to improve not only their performance, but also to minimise risks and enhance security. We constantly rebalance the distribution of the wallets, in order to work efficiently in each new cycle.

What is CFT's investment strategy ?

Our strategy and methods have allowed us to perform under all market conditions over the past years.
The investment process consists in 3 pillars, combining proven technical analysis methods inspired from the Wyckoff Trading Method, with sentimental analysis as well as a thorough analysis of the global macro outlook.
Besides we designed our own indicators to determine our entry/exit levels. Our investment decisions are transparent as well our insight on the market – which we share on a weekly basis in a video available on our website.

Our investment management relies on 3 points: a technology developed in-house for pricing algorithms and indicators, the team’s expertise and its view on the global macro outlook that we cross-validate with technical analysis concepts. This way, we can identify Primary Trading Opportunities with appropriate risk/reward parameters.

Our investment management relies on 3 points:

-A technology developed in-house for pricing algorithms and indicators.
-The team’s expertise and view on the global macro outlook.
-We cross-validate with technical analysis concepts.
This way, we can identify Primary Trading Opportunities with excellent risk/reward parameters.

A few key points about our management:

• Our investment decisions and insight into the market are transparent, which we have shared weekly in a video on our website and YouTube since January 2019.
So confidence and trust are established almost immediately with our customers.

• We use a proven and tested methodology consisting of manual swing trading and algorithm-based trading indicators to make the most of the market conditions with the accuracy of top/bottom trades and analysis.

• We never use Leverage! Our clients’ portfolios CANNOT be liquidated.


CFT currently works only with the two top cryptocurrencies in the market – BTC and ETH. We also trade to a certain extent with the top ten large-cap coins on “Perpetual Futures”. Our principle is pretty simple here – work with cryptocurrencies that have the best market cap to guarantee sufficient liquidity in the order books of platforms like Binance and offer us a seamless opportunity to carry out our trades. This way, we have much better control of our risk-reward ratio (RRR), and the “slippage” usually does not exceed 0.6% when placing orders simultaneously for all our clients’ accounts, including more significant accounts like hedge funds. The leaders in terms of daily liquidity/volume on the major exchanges are BTC and ETH, and therefore, in order to limit the “slippage” we need sufficient daily liquidity for optimal control of our trading management and risk-reward ratio (RRR) and to deliver outstanding results for all our clients in the long term.

We also advise our clients against getting too excited with the sharp movements of many alt-coins and stay focussed on the bigger picture with crypto assets with strong fundamentals. We always create strategies around assets that have a future perspective and are not just “hyped” by clever guerilla marketing or by random tweets by a celebrity. And although we are often asked by our clients (and many of our well-wishers) as to why we do not add alt-coins to our trading strategies, we have respectfully declined to be drawn in and continue to maintain our fundamental principles. To understand why we stay true to our trading with BTC and ETH, please understand this.

Apart from the fact that they have great volumes and liquidity and make our jobs essentially easy, these cryptos are market leaders for a reason. Ethereum already owns almost all the cryptos in the sense that they are all hosted on its blockchain. This mere fact gives it an envious position in the crypto market as a leader, a title that is difficult to be removed anytime soon. It has a strong PoS which is characterized by its “ethical” behavior. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is an outlier. Although it currently does not have much use case, it is the torchbearer of the crypto movement. It was the first crypto asset to be launched and still holds a special place in the market and in the hearts and minds of every crypto enthusiast. It is also taken notice of by the non-crypto community and the first interest in the crypto markets is because of Bitcoin. Bitcoin remains the leader because of its speculative aspect and Ethereum has a certain future.

Our team uses proprietary indicators and technical analysis to confirm our trades. We use a mix of manual swing trading and our high-performance algorithms to make the most of the market conditions.

One important fact is that we don’t use any leverage in our strategies, thus eliminating the risk of liquidation since no borrowed funds are connected to our open position when trading.
For obvious liquidity reasons, we only trade “perpetual futures” on binance (no spot), mainly BTC & ETH, and the top 10 large caps.

🥇 Our trades mature between a few days and 1 to 3 weeks (discretionary strategy / manual swing trading).
Each trade is the same for all our clients, and our clients have nothing to do because the buy/sell is carried out without any intervention on their part; we send a trade to our source, therefore to our own wallet and the trade is immediately replicated on every client account in a few seconds.

🥇 We manage in “limit order” or in “market order” depending on the size of the client’s Portfolio; our software adapts and manages the “slippage” and the “maxi position sizes” to each time on levels below an average of 0.3% in terms of slippage, regardless of the size of the client’s Portfolio.

Are the crypto assets used going to change over time?

For the moment, the liquidity on the exchanges confirms that we should stay on with BTC and ETH. We are, however, open to future opportunities, if any, where we may consider other altcoins and integrate them within our trading strategy.

What is the money management?

As far as the investment strategy sharing is concerned, we make an allocation on FUTURES wallets. Each day we decide on the allocation of clients’ funds. Unlike traditional hedge funds, we do not take custody of your funds; we only require the trading rights so you can remain in full control of your fund (Binance). Also, we understand you may want to test us with a small amount first; that is why we allow you to start for a few weeks with a minimum ticket entry for testing period only, (Your Portfolio on your Binance account, Futures Perpetual), which is way lower than what you can find in traditional finance. To be a bit more specific, we commit to the security of your funds, and we ensure it through a non-custodial agreement with you wherein we are only allowed reading/trading privileges of your cryptocurrencies which is enabled by an API that you set up from your existing exchange account (Binance.com). As a result, we have no control over your funds, and we cannot move your funds. Also, one important fact is that we don’t use any leverage in our strategies, thus eliminating the risk of liquidation since no borrowed funds are connected to our open position when trading.

What are PERPETUAL future contracts?

A perpetual contract is a special type of futures contract, but unlike the traditional form of futures, it doesn’t have an expiry date. So one can hold a position for as long as they like. Other than that, the trading of perpetual contracts is based on an underlying Index Price. The Index Price consists of the average price of an asset, according to major spot markets and their relative trading volume.

Thus, unlike conventional futures, perpetual contracts are often traded at a price that is equal or very similar to spot markets. However, during extreme market conditions, the mark price may deviate from the spot market price. Still, the biggest difference between the traditional futures and perpetual contracts is the ‘settlement date’ of the former.

CFT bets on price movements of BTC and ETH and trades in perpetual futures contracts. This enables us to realize profits not only when the markets are on the rise but also when the markets are going down. Our algorithms have been designed to help squeeze the maximum profits out of futures contracts and this is the reason behind our success against benchmarks. Our team uses proprietary indicators to confirm our trades. We use a mix of manual swing trading and our high-performance algorithms to make the most of the market conditions. 

What do I need to start trading with CFT?

You need an account on a cryptocurrency exchange (Binance), a cryptocurrency portfolio over our minimum ticket entry, the ability to take certain risks owing to the volatile nature of the crypto market and a strong desire to achieve your financial goals through trading cryptocurrencies.

Why become an agent?

An agent is just a client who would like to be more involved with the promotion of our stellar service. Our clients have found themselves recommending CFT to their friends and relatives. If you are our agent, you have the choice to decide the level of involvement you wish to have as one and an arrangement according to your needs can be made.

Can we speak to at least 3 of your current clients?

We would love to be as transparent as possible and it would be a great idea for you to speak with our existing customers. However, you will need to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you do so. Moreover, to comply with European privacy laws we need our customer’s approval before we share their name and contact details. Once that is taken care of, you can personally contact any of our clients who give their consent to be contacted.

Are you open to partnerships?

Yes, of course! We are always looking to forge new, mutually beneficial partnerships. We wish to partner with individuals who would like to work with us as our esteemed agents. For more information on how to become an agent, please see this (page). We are also open to working with institutions who wish to benefit from our services as clients.


What is the durability of CFT?

Are my funds secured?

Absolutely. CFT is committed to the security of your funds and we ensure it through a non-custodial agreement with you wherein we are only allowed trading privileges of your cryptocurrencies which is enabled by an API that you set up from your existing exchange account (Binance). As a result, we have no control over your funds and we cannot move your funds without your approval.

What is the level of cybersecurity at CFT ?

We operate on our own platform and when installing the APIs of our customers, they are first encrypted and so the keys are no longer visible in case of a hacking attack.

Is CFT registered in the ORIAS file or equivalent?

Bahamas is not a member of FATF. Our AML Policy has to be in accordance only with the The Commonwealth of The Bahamas directives. The simple fact that CFT does not have access to clients’ funds (CFT is not a custodian) but only sends trading signals on Binance to our clients’ accounts via APIs of our clients, exempts us, for the time being, from any license. If the regulation changes CFT will upgrade its company in the Bahamas.

What happens if CFT gets hacked?

Nothing. In the unlikely event that such an attack takes place, the hackers would not be able to access your funds. CFT is fully non-custodial, meaning we do not have access to your funds. Your assets are stored in your exchange accounts (Binance).


What is the minimum investment for DAM (digital asset management)?

CFT Group is currently accepting DAM investment clients with portfolios minimum ticket entry. We recommend Binance. If your asset is of high value, you can split it between these exchanges for security/liquidity purposes. Clients of CFT can invest comfortably, knowing that all decisions regarding their financial investments are being made based on profitable investment strategies.

How much will I be charged?

Management fee:
We charge a 2% annual management fee, billed every quarter. So, every quarter (three months) we take your account balance times .0050, and calculate the management fee of which we send you an invoice.

The performance fee
is negotiated individually for dollar profits (see “Portfolio Management Agreement”) and is billed monthly.

How do you access my account?

You create a trading API for us, giving us all rights EXCEPT withdrawal/transfer.

This gives us access to make trades and manage your portfolio, but not to withdraw coins/fees or transfer coins.

Can I quit any time I wish?

Yes, there is no set time period on the Agreement. At any time after execution of the Agreement, either party may terminate the Agreement by giving no less than 30 (thirty) calendar days’ prior written notice to the other party.

What about my Asset?

CFT works with Binance exchange, the world’s top crypto exchange. Binance uses SAFU (Secure Assets Fund for Users) insurance fund so your funds are secured.


Can we enforce a stop loss in one client account?

Only you can do that. CFT is working through API key – that means we have access only to watch and trade according to your API restrictions.

Our clients have 100% control over their accounts and can decide to withdraw their assets or part of their assets at any given moment.

Who can withdraw from my Binance account?

It is important for the PM (Portfolio Manager) to be able to manage the Cryptocurrency Portfolio independently in order to achieve the best possible results. Thus, during the term of this Agreement, clients do not have the right to carry out independently and without the approval of the PM any transactions and/or to withdraw assets or liquidity from their Cryptocurrency Portfolio. At any time after execution of the Agreement, either party may terminate the Agreement by giving not less than 30 (thirty) calendar days’ prior written notice to the other party.

Can we have access to the monthly profit of the amount invested?

As a client, you can monitor your P&L, balance and all other data via your exchange (Binance) or in our platform https://platform.cryptosfundtrading.com/login . You will also receive a monthly report by email with all details about the account. You can chat/call us at any time for any questions related to the management of the account. Other than that, you must contact the support of your exchange (Binance) as we do not have any access to client accounts.

How do I deposit funds into my BINANCE account?

For further information on how to organise an International Wire transfer via SEPA on Binance, check here.


The process for requesting withdrawals and for deposits

We wish to inform you of the process for requesting withdrawals and for deposits made on your Binance account.

For withdrawals, we request you to notify us through an email before the monthly closing of your statement. The withdrawal date must be after the fifth day of the following month.

For deposits, we request you to notify us one week prior to the date you wish to deposit the funds to your account.

In both cases, CFT needs to know the precise amount that will be withdrawn or deposited (crypto or Fiat) and the day of execution. Finally, we request you to confirm that the withdrawal or deposit has been made via an email communication, so that all transactions can be verified.

We ask that you kindly follow these requests as it will help us in streamlining our methodologies so that we can service your portfolios without any issues.

How do I handle the taxes related to my cryptocurrencies ?

CFT partnered with the company Koinly that calculates your cryptocurrency taxes and helps you reduce them for next year. Simple & Reliable.

It works in only three simple steps :

  1. Easily import your trades
    Add your exchange accounts via API or CSV files and connect your blockchain wallets using public addresses.
    – DeFi, Margin trades & Futures. Whether you are staking on Binance, Kraken, lending on Nexo or going long on BitMEX. Koinly can handle it all.
    – Smart transfer matching. Koinly uses AI to detect transfers between your own wallets and keep track of your original cost.
  2. Preview your capital gains
    Get a glimpse of your profit/loss for any tax year – for free!
  3. Download your tax documents

Whether you are filing yourself, using a tax software like TurboTax or working with an accountant. Koinly can generate the right crypto tax reports for you.

CFT is a proud partner of Koinly and highly recommends their services. Go to Koinly


What are API keys?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is what allows us to access third-party services (such as exchanges). Your API keys authenticate you with these providers. We use APIs offered by exchanges to gather data and place trades. However, to check your balances and place trades we must input your API keys to authenticate requests.

How do I create my APIs?

A “Help” section will be available on each exchange to assist you.

  • To obtain your API keys, log in to your exchange account. The API Settings will generally be available on the main menu.
  • You’ll then have to set the permissions – the level of operability that the API key will have. The “Trade” permission will allow CFT to transact through your exchange.
  • You can then click “Create API Key”. Copy and paste the API Key and API Secret Key and give them to CFT.

How to get your Binance API-Key?

  • Click the link below to go to the Binance API Management page.
  • Name your new API-Key and click Create.
  • Open your E-mail and check SMS to verify the key creation.
  • Go back to Binance and make sure that your key has enabled “Enable Futures” checkbox
  • Make sure the “Enable Withdrawal” checkbox is disabled on the key you just created. “Enable Trading” has to be enabled.
  • Copy the API-Key and API-Secret and give them to CFT.

How can I deactivate the API?

Our professional support team is always here to help. In emergency cases, you can always deactivate the API on your Binance account.
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