Cumulative Returns Vs Benchmark
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Cumulative Returns

In a year marked by economic uncertainty compounded by a global pandemic, CFT’s performance stands out remarkably. With a cumulative return of just shy of 485% and a CAGR% of close to 488, we were able to outclass the market that showed extreme volatility driven by an unprecedented influx of new investors. Our strategies maintained the perfect balance of judiciousness and aggression to build profits and cut down unnecessary risks.

Even during the difficult period between June and August, when the economy was undergoing a massive transition, Our strategies were working overtime to sustain momentum and provide amazing returns. This is because at CFT, we use a mix of meticulously designed and continuously evolving algorithms and manual trading through proprietary indicators which are a result of a careful study of existing market conditions.

Cumulative Returns Vs Benchmark (Log Scaled)

Cumulative Returns (Log Scaled)

The log-scaled cumulative returns graph is a great indicator of the performance of CFT’s strategies. Our years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency trading held us in good stead when we were facing difficult periods of uncertainty and volatility. The graph shows the consistency our strategies were able to endure exceptionally and perform at their optimum.

Our team uses proprietary indicators to confirm our trades. We use a mix of manual swing trading and our high-performance algorithms to make the most of the market conditions. The consistent performance bears testament to the robustness of our strategies. Even during times of uncertainty and volatility, the strategy was able to hold forth strongly to end the year at a high.

EOY returns vs benchmark

EOY returns

An end of year return of close to 210% and a cumulative of close to 485% saw us end the year 2021 strongly with great profits for our investors. At the centre of our activities here at CFT are our clients who put their trust and faith in our stellar team, anticipating it to exceed their expectations. And in a year as fragile as 2021, CFT’s strategies performed exceedingly well.

Our best day returned us almost 24% while our best month gave our strategy close to 82%. We carefully combined caution with the right opportunity to draw profits even on seemingly dry days. Our strategies won every quarter even during the most difficult periods.


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