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We at CFT believe that our performance speaks volumes about our strategy and our team. Our commitment to deliver consistent high returns for you drives our actions. Our team has a proven track record of delivering expectation-exceeding profits.

Years of experience trading cryptocurrencies and unparalleled understanding and analysis of the market has driven us to push ourselves consistently and enabled us to exceed expectations every year.

Even in the face of relative volatility encountered in the cryptocurrency market, we have used diligence and deep industry insights to beat market anxiety and deliver consistent ROI for our clients. Armed with clarity of objectives and focused attention to profits at all times, we have been able to beat stock market profits in the risk-laden crypto markets.

The proof is in the numbers: Nasdaq 100 index registered a growth of 44% in the year 2020. CFT delivered an average profit of 500%.

Strategy - ETH & BTC

Strategy – ETH & BTC

Our investment strategy mainly focuses on the two most well-known and well accepted cryptocurrencies currently available – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

They are the standard flag bearers of the cryptocurrency market, with a combined market capital of more than 60% of the whole crypto market.

This is indicative of a high level of trust in them, which leads to a lower volatility compared to other cryptocurrencies, and a higher demand due to their stability.

A high demand leads to higher liquidity as many investors are willing to trade them. Based on superior analysis of publicly available market data and extensive experience of trading cryptocurrencies, our teams work relentlessly to develop new strategies regularly, with a focus on consistent and regular profits for you.

Trading Algorithm

Trading Algorithms

After years of meticulous research in trading millions of dollars worth of crypto assets since the past many years, we have developed robust trading strategies.

These strategies have been developed into trading algorithms that we use along with our expertise to execute trades and make the kind of profits we deliver. Our technology is constantly evolving as a result of the dynamic nature of the crypto market.

Developed by our team of expert traders along with coding wizards, we use the power of maths to inspect every trend and swing that may affect trades to deliver maximum profitability.

Our technology also allows us to react appropriately and swiftly to the changes in the market, thereby enabling us to maintain regularity of profits. Our algorithms have been developed through careful observation, deliberate efforts & consistent improvements and we believe that it is an important factor in ensuring that we stay on top of the game. We manage in “limit order” or in “market order” depending on the size of the client’s Portfolio; our software adapts and manages the “slippage” and the “maxi position sizes” to each time on levels below an average of 0.3% in terms of slippage, regardless of the size of the client’s Portfolio. We manage hundreds of clients, most of whom are High Net Worth Individuals – HNWI– and onboard institutional clients like hedge funds.

We use a proven and tested methodology consisting of manual swing trading and algorithm-based trading indicators to make the most of the market conditions with the accuracy of top/bottom trades and analysis. We never use Leverage; our clients’ portfolios CANNOT be liquidated.


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