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We are open to partnerships. If you want to find out more about becoming an agent, please complete the form.

We have a lot of satisfied clients that recommend us to their friends. If you want to promote CFT in a more systematic manner through a mutually beneficial agreement, you can request to become an agent with CFT. This is a formal partnership that allows you to advertise our services within your network to get positive referrals.

Please fill in the form below. Once we review your responses, we will contact you personally to understand how you can help CFT expand its footprints. We will discuss terms and conditions individually to shape what being an agent means in your territory and based on your level of involvement with promoting CFT.

We are a fast growing services company and we have a very dynamic relationship with our partners. We believe that every individual is different and equally valuable. So we do not have cookie cutter terms and conditions and we tailor our agency framework to your expectations. You define what involvement you want to have.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter, join our Telegram channel, and follow us on Facebook or Linkedin to have an idea of how we interact with our clients.

One of the many reasons our agents love working with CFT is the customer service you have at your disposal! If you ever need any assistance just give us a ring, hit our chat, or contact us and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with any assistance you may need!