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Cryptos Fund Trading believes in developing a fast evolving and thoughtful approach to innovation in the brave new world of digital assets.

By leveraging our industry-level insights and years of expertise, we aim to be the simplest, highest-performing cryptocurrency traders for investors who want to achieve their financial goals through trading of digital assets in their portfolios.


Our founding team had the foresight which millions today wish they had back when Bitcoin was trading for mere dollars and even cents.

They were taken with the idea of Bitcoin and soon realized the potential it helds while investing in it. Having had successful trading experiences before, they were able to translate their success in the cryptocurrency markets as well.

They were also an early Binance users , which has now become one of the world’s largest and most respected cryptocurrency exchanges.

Friends and family rapidly asked to get access to cryptocurrencies and even start taking care of their portfolio.

This prompted the team to put together a professional service which would be more systematic and structured. The results piqued the interest of several clients who were looking for diversification of their investments and higher returns compared to traditional stock markets.

The idea of CFT was born and has now become a successful, highly profitable business with hundreds of clients and an envious team of talented financial managers and traders who are always on the lookout  to help clients gain massive profits.


We are a group of dedicated, ambitious, and passionate people who are experts in the field of cryptocurrency and the market surrounding it.

We are a team of professionals with over ten years of experience in Finance, Institutional Derivatives Trading and Technology and have held positions across the globe in Paris, London, New York, Miami and the Bahamas.

Our goal is to provide investment solutions for the crypto markets while keeping a close relationship with our clients.

We have hundreds of clients, most of them are High Net Worth Individuals – HNWI – clients, and we also onboard institutional clients like hedge funds.

Our team has years of experience investing and trading in cryptocurrencies, and as proof, have a glorious track record to validate their expertise and skills.

We are collaborators and enablers and we are motivated to bring to the table new ideas and strategies which are aimed at mutual benefit for both our clients and us.

We believe that professionalism and client satisfaction is a priority only second to profitability. We are inspired to enhance our skill sets every single day and use our learnings and deep industry insights to evolve newer ways to break our own set objectives to exceed expectations.

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