Cumulative Returns Vs Benchmark
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Yearly Returns

The period between the end of 2021 and 2022 was marked for an unprecedented bear market across crypto-currencies. With a 30% return over the year, CFT stands out for generating solid returns in the crypto-currency market. Our strategies have maintained the ideal balance of wisdom and boldness to increase profits and reduce unnecessary risk.

This impressive performance is the result of a combination of factors, including active investment management, judicious assignment of crypto-currency assets, and continuous risk assessment. Throughout the year, CFT was able to successfully generate profits.

Cumulative Returns Vs Benchmark (Log Scaled)


At CFT, we believe that monthly performance is a great indicator of how our strategies perform. Based on our years of experience in crypto-currency trading, we have been able to withstand these tricky and volatile periods. As the chart shows, our strategies have held up exceptionally well, performing optimally and consistently.

Our team uses proprietary indicators to confirm our trades. We have developed a mix of manual swing trading and powerful algorithms to make the most of market conditions. The consistency of our performance is a proof of the strength of our strategies. Even during periods of uncertainty and volatility, our strategy held up extremely well, allowing us to close the year at an impressive rate.

At CFT, we believe that consistency and long-term performance are the keys to success in crypto-currency trading. We will continue to develop our asset management strategy to enhance solid and sustainable investments for our clients.


At CFT, we pride ourselves on our ability to generate solid results for our investors, and 2022 was no exception. With a year-end return of nearly 30%, our clients were able to realize significant profits thanks to our team of experts who went above and beyond throughout the year.

Our best day returned nearly 7% while our best month brought our strategy to over 8%. We carefully combined caution with the right opportunity to take profits even on days that seemed rather difficult. Our strategies have paid off every quarter, even during the worst of times.


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