Sunday, April 24, 2022. Bitcoin – Stocks – $ – Metal – Our video is out!

Apr 25, 2022

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Hello from CFT (our new video is out!),

We are down about $1,000 in the last week. We did have a buy last week around that $39,200 level; we did sell those positions at $42,800. And, again looking for possibly a little bit lower here, we still think ultimately we head higher. $37,300 would still be kind of a short term break down point, and could lead to a little bit lower. But we are trying to stay friendly, still looking for that rally up to $54,000.

U.S. stocks,
we talked about the wave 4 ending, wanted to be a buyer on a little bit of weakness. We got close to a buy signal last week, but things didn’t come together exactly how we wanted. We are still looking for a low to be made here, for a test of the previous wave 4. So we’re leaning bullish but waiting for a little bit lower.

US Dollar,
we were looking for a place to be short. We have still not done anything, indicators have not lined up to give us a low-risk sell signal, so we’re watching.

we talked about a pullback to the 148 level last week, and you can see we had a sharp selloff. We are near that level; indicators are extremely oversold, so we look for the XAU to make a low early in the week and head back to new highs.

Thank You!
CFT Team