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Good morning from CFT (attached video),

We want first to wish everybody a Happy Holiday, enjoy time with family and be safe.

So we have bitcoin, we had mentioned that we were looking for a wave 4, maybe a triangle up here. We have kind of had that, we had a selloff yesterday, especially in Ethereum and Litecoin, and some of the alt positions like Ripple etc. So we did add some longs yesterday, we are still looking for this to resolve higher.  We didn’t get a really good buy signal, so we haven’t gone all-in but definitely picked up a few positions looking for this to work higher before a bigger correction.

On the U.S. stock market, we had mentioned we had a few long positions, we still have those, we have added another one or two, indicators are neutral to a little bearish, but no reason to be worried as of yet. We’re just going to manage the few positions that we have and look for still higher.

The dollar did have a quick recovery high there on the surge to 91, and it has pulled back. We still think the dollar is making a low, and the metals market will still turn lower again.

So that’s all, enjoy time with family and the holidays, and we will talk next week.


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