Bitcoin-Stocks-$-XAU, our weekend update from CFT (attached new video)


Good morning our quick weekend update from CFT (attached new video),

Bitcoin we had mentioned we tried to buy a little bit, we had some minor buy signals last week down at $16,700. We did manage to make a little bit of money on the rally to $18,300/$18,500, and we took our profits.
At $19,700 we did have a sell signal, we are still looking for lower. We are holding higher levels here if you zoom in, kind of a triangle pattern. We could see a rally up to $20,500, but we also think that will be met by selling.
So we are still leaning bearish, looking for something lower, but might have one minor pop higher before we turn down in earnest.

If we look at U.S. stocks, really we have just continued slightly higher after we went to neutral last week. Our indicators are leaning bearish, we are still looking for this rally to slow up here, but currently, we are just sitting at the highs.

The Dollar has continued lower, so far again it hasn’t really hurt out metals position. So we still think longer term the dollar is going to try and put in a low here. Sentiment is very bearish, and needs to be reversed.

If we look at the XAU, we are still shorts, still have profits, and looking for this market to turn lower again.

Have a good weekend.



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