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Fév 5, 2021

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Good morning from CFT (our new video is out!),

We are still looking for Bitcoin to stay in this sideways pattern here. We are close to breaking out, but we still think it is going to pullback. Our ALGO is long from $37,500, so we got a small profit on that to end the week. So again looking for sideways to lower and then we will probably be a buyer.

On U.S. stocks, we have been calling this rally coming to an end.

We have not yet called for the rally to end. We are still long and looking for higher. Quickly, we are still PAGS, and it is back near the highs. We are long KEYS which is still holding pretty strong gains. And we are long TRIP which is back near the highs. So far so good, we will be looking for a top sometime soon in U.S. stocks.

On the U.S. Dollar we have been looking for a rally up to 92-92.50, we have had some strength before today’s little pullback, but we look for higher.

XAU, we have been short for a long time, we are still short and have seen some weakness here, after the Wall Street Bets silver rally, but we are still looking for some lower.

That’s all. Have a good weekend!