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Fév 12, 2021

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Good morning from CFT (video is out!),

We do not have a lot to add here this week.
Bitcoin did break out of the triangle quicker than expected. We have our BTC ALGO long, and we recently bought some Ethereum, and we have some profits. Today we have had a little bit of weakness, but we expect these things to hold and work slightly higher. Our indicators are starting to show the market a little overbought, and we will be prepared for a more notable correction soon.

In the U.S. stock market, you know we have been long looking for a top, we have not yet given a sell signal. We are close to doing that, we think here in the next few days as our indicators are overbought, then we will be looking for a pretty good pullback. If stocks pullback to retrace their rally from March, we would think Bitcoin could probably also have some selling pressure. We are still long PAGS, and we are still long TRIP. So those are positions we will be moving out of.

The dollar had a bigger correction than we wanted in the last few days. We have held here, this chart might still be looking for a minor new low before we get a larger rally, and we will watch the action in the next day or two to determine that.

We are still short GDX. Here is the chart of the XAU, and we are still long DUST.
We are still looking for this market to work lower still.

That is all for now. Talk to you next week.

CFT Team!

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