BTC & Stocks update, some things have changed over the last 24 hours!?

Good afternoon from CFT team!

Wanted to give a quick update cause some things have changed for us over the last 24 hours (Attached video).

In front of us is Bitcoin, we have been looking for the purple ABC, or the red ABC, On yesterdays weakness on stocks and cryptos, we actually changed our short term thinking….looking for an ABC up for this B wave here. So that’s what happened we did buy Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin yesterday and we are looking for a rally up to maybe $11,400 – $11,500 on Bitcoin is our thoughts right now. We did that because the dollar had the strong rally out of the hole we had been expecting, so we thought maybe it could slow up for a week or so.

Also that stocks could possibly then rally off the lows, so we covered our shorts in the stocks, looking again for some type of bounce to sell. Then XAU (Gold) had fallen out of the sideways consolidation triangle we had been expecting, and yesterday morning we had covered our shorts here.

So we are looking for stocks to work higher, metals to bounce, dollar to maybe possibly pull back a little bit, and cryptos to head higher.

Stay tuned, and we will try to stay on top of these markets for next week. Thank you, and have a good weekend!


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