Bitcoin- US Stocks – $ – Metal, our weekly Update!

Apr 9, 2021

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Good morning from CFT (our video is out!),

Not much movement to update on this week. We have still been looking at this triangle on Bitcoin. We still think there is lower, so we are standing aside. Our ALGO is doing some positive scalping and putting a little bit of money in our pockets, so we continue to trade that.

We’ve got U.S. stocks, We actually took a sell on the S&P at yesterdays close. We are up a little bit today, so we think stocks are heading lower, which we believe will help drag down Bitcoin as well in the week ahead.

Then we’ve got the Dollar, We have talked about continuing higher. We still think it will catch itself here and go above $93.50 again. So we are still long the Dollar.

And the XAU, We are still short. We had a nice little rally last week or so, but we still go profits, and we are looking for this market to turn down lower as well with the U.S. stock market.

That’s all for now, talk to you next week. Thank You!!

CFT Team!