Cryptos Fund Trading




The onboarding process is very easy and highly secure.

Once we receive your e-mail we start the KYC process (outsourced to a specialist company). When the process is complete we ask you to create a trading API for us on one of your existing exchange accounts (Binance, Bybit, etc.). This will give us permission to trade, but not to transfer or withdraw money.

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To find out how to deposit your funds into your BINANCE account via SEPA, check here.

Once this process is complete, our professional team will begin monitoring the markets for you and make Crypto Trades 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


CFT Group is currently accepting clients with portfolios over $25,000 in value.

We have a non-custodial arrangement with our clients. You keep your crypto on your favourite exchange. We only touch your assets to trade and create profits. You have access to your stack at all times.

Our team is comprised of Blockchain specialists and expert traders. We can work as your trusted team of professionals to help manage your investments. We have years of experience in Cryptocurrency trading, working with many forms of currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BNB, new ICOs, and many more. We are a team of people who have a proven track record of helping our clients make profits with Cryptocurrency trading.


Full-Control & Monitoring

Your exchanges allow you to monitor your investments. You have full control and visibility over the different trades and processes.

Their advanced platforms are also totally safe and secure. Using your exchanges, you can monitor and withdraw your profits – you have total control.

Collecting Profits

We have a long history of making profits for our clients on a daily basis. Whether the market is going up or down we can make money off it. The profits will appear in your account, we have no access to the money. The API you have built just allows us to trade.

We send you an invoice every quarter for your management fee, and one for the monthly performance fee. You pay us, we cannot take money from your account.

We are transparent about our process. Make sure to check our exclusive channel for daily Crypto trading signals.

collecting profits

Digital Asset Management

digital assets management

Once you have created an API to allow us to trade from your account, we assign you a crypto manager. We can offer our clients such profits because we assign a crypto manager to each account. These managers are then organized into teams (including EU and US trading desks), where they constantly develop new strategies based on their analysis of the market data. When a good risk/reward opportunity presents itself, we invest our clients’ money accordingly.

At Cryptos Fund Trading™, we also have a talent for statistical analysis and programming. We use a unique combination of manual trading and BTC trading bots to keep our clients earning on a consistent basis. Our bots are programmed based on strategies generated, tested, and optimized by our trading team, and are programmed to instantly identify “net profitability scenarios.”

Our goal is simple: Find daily profits for each strategy and use technical analysis to compare them! This enables you to get more out of your investment.

You enjoy full transparency. You can let our team help generate profits for you yet stay in control of your investment in cryptocurrency.