Quick update Tuesday, June 22

Jun 22, 2021

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Good morning from CFT (quick video).

We are getting some volatility in the Crypto’s, so wanted to give a quick update.

We’ve got a lot of FUD coming from various & different areas, mostly CHINA with their crackdown on Crypto, and the U.S government talking about Crypto’s being used for illegal activities, so definitely trying to get everybody wiped out here, clean out all the leverage.

We have been showing in RED a triangle, which definitely could still be in formation. We also are going to also give a possibility that we have the purple count here, where we are doing five ways down, could have been completed this morning already, could work a little lower and spring this area, for a Wyckoff “spring”, and that would be the end of the wave 4. So again, we still think Crypto is making a major low here, if you have been thinking about getting involved, you need to do it now, if you are thinking about adding money to your current portfolio, we think you need to do it now.

With that in mind also, here we’ve got the QQQ; we’ve been showing the buy from 2 1/2 weeks ago. Stocks still look good here, Nasdaq still looks higher. So we think in that type of environment that stocks will continue well, and Crypto will continue well.

Thank You, and have a good day!