We intervene at conferences and trading training sessions for individual investors, whatever their level (beginners, intermediaries, confirmed).

In our team, traders trained in the field of wealth management, within Anglo-Saxon banks, having learned from the best trading professionals, understand techniques used by banks, institutional investors, hedge funds and other insiders: options trading (stock options, futures, …).
Options trading, often presented as being reserved for a specific trading elite and investors, can be learned practically and straightforwardly.

During training, we teach these techniques (from the simplest to the most complicated) to individuals who want to get a perfect mastery in the management of their financial assets.
The reason is simple, what banks offer, as well as financial advisors of all kinds, is far from satisfactory and often risky. Bankers with a slight tendency to transfer all risks to their clients.

We do not need to talk about brokers. They offer leveraged transactions, heavily loaded commissions, investment vehicles unprofitable and risky (warrant, turbos, CFD, forex …). With, besides, strategies with a very low probability of earnings (about 50% at the entrance).

Contrary to popular belief, earning a steady market and getting good returns is not that difficult.
From the moment, when we invest in the right vehicles, with the proper techniques and the right mindset, success is inevitably at the rendezvous.

We can transmit the knowledge of more than 25 years of work.
We know the techniques & recipes that work and earn money. Some of them are very simple and ample for an individual.

We estimate that after a two-day seminar, a person is already able to achieve exciting results without much difficulty. The idea is to be well supervised.

A two-day seminar organized around the following program:

Simplicity in Options:

  1. Fundamentals of the options (documents will be sent beforehand to the candidates to prepare the seminar) and prerequisites.
    1. How to read a string of options to find essential information?
    2. The “Greeks” simply / Utility of the “Greeks” to follow his positions.
    3. On which basis to choose an option? On which unit of time?
    4. Read a Profit / Loss graph to support your positions.
  2. Advantages of options relative to other assets.
    1. All the reasons why to avoid other investment vehicles.
    2. Substituting options for other financial assets (CFD, forex, turbo or even holding shares online …)
    3. To be paid, to buy, to sell, to rent titles.
    4. To sell titles.
    5. Learn how to create a “cash machine,” with regular earnings, while correctly controlling the risks.
    6. Directly implementable after the seminar.
  3. Simple technical analysis applied to the options.
  4. Create a screener/radar to choose titles.
  5. “Tuesday’s strategy” directly implementable after the seminar to ensure very regular earnings.
  6. How to place an order / How to negotiate your orders better and avoid the trap of hidden fees.
  7. Evocation of psychological aspects related to trading (crucial).
  8. Miscellaneous (Question / Answer Session).


Acquire a solid technical foundation and be able to intervene very quickly with simple strategies that generate regular earnings right out of the seminar.

Learn the techniques used by the best professionals.

Self-finance your investment quickly (at this level, we will give the operations we perform) while doing specific exercises on the detection of trades.
This training is not theoretical and only concerns people who will invest in the stock market.
Which means, no demo. Trading, trading, just trading with real money.

Candidate profile:

  1. Beginners, intermediate and advanced.
  2. Private investors who wish to create regular financial income.
  3. Students from another trading academy who have not obtained satisfaction and do not understand the reasons.
  4. Students from trading schools in a failed situation.

Price of training: Only by request at dealing@cryptosfundtrading.com

Given the time it takes to spend with each person, we will have to organize other module/seminars for the psychological part (psychology of performance).

We are a generous team, and we are committed to everyone succeeding without exception.