Cryptos Fund Trading

How do I create my APIs?

A “Help” section will be available on each exchange to assist you.

  1. To obtain your API keys, log in to your exchange account. The API Settings will generally be available on the main menu.
  2. You’ll then have to set the permissions – the level of operability that the API key will have. The “Trade” permission will allow CFT to transact through your exchange.
  3. You can then click “Create API Key”. Copy and paste the API Key and API Secret Key and give them to CFT.
How to get your Binance API-Key?
  • Click the link below to go to the Binance API Management page.
  • Name your new API-Key and click Create.
  • Open your E-Mail client and check SMS to verify the key creation.
  • Back on Binance and make sure that your key has enabled Enable Futures-checkbox
  • Make sure the Enable Withdrawal checkbox is disabled on the key you just created. Enable Trading has to be enabled.
  • Copy the API-Key and API-Secret and give them to CFT.