Bitcoin- US Stocks – $ – Metal, our weekly Update! Our video is out!

Good morning from CFT (our video is out!),

As you know, we were bearish Bitcoin last few weeks, and last week we finally got the downturn we had been looking for. We were ultimately looking for a wave “e” of a 4, and now with the overnight selloff, we have continued even lower than we expected. So we are thinking we delete this triangle, and we move over what we believe to be occurring. Maybe a little bit lower here for the “c’ wave of a triangle, then also the “d’ and the “e’ coming. So far, we have survived the recent route. 

On our Manuel SPOT trading, we had a very nice trade with ETH, approximately like 15% gain, and actually, our ALGO goes short at $57,150, a short at $55,500, and a short at $54,000. So really good performance from CFT, and if you are having troubles here in the markets, hit us up, as we expect our continued success.

On the SPY, 

as you know, we had given a short at the red arrow. We’ve got small losses coming into today. We think possibly there is lower; our indicators right now are kind of neutral, so we’re not sure, but we are staying short and looking for some lower.

On the Dollar, 

we have been looking for the markets to catch themselves here and head to a new high above 93.50, and we are still of that opinion.  

And the XAU, 

we are short, we have small profits, minor losses, and we’re still expecting this market to turn down when the dollar rallies.

Have a good weekend and thank you!!



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