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About Us

Cryptos Fund Trading™ (CFT) is your trusted team of professionals to help manage your investments. We work with individual investors, institutional investors, asset managers, corporate boardrooms, and business owners. CFT team is a professional trading desk where we use APIs on our clients’ existing exchange accounts (BinanceBybitCoinbase, etc.) to help our customers actively manage their investment portfolio to deliver sustainable performance.

Generating consistent returns may be challenging in highly volatile and complex financial markets. The CFT team has years of experience in cryptocurrency trading, working with many forms of currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BNB. We are a team of real people who have a demonstrated track record of helping our clients make profits on their investments. Whether you are savvy in the crypto market or not familiar with this type of investment, our team can help, guide, explain, and most importantly, generate profit for you. Whether the crypto market goes up or down we can still make profits out of it.

We created Cryptos Fund Trading™ to offer the best management of funds and the best customer service to our investors. Working with us is seamless and easy, and it will take the stress out of investing in the crypto market yourself. We are completely transparent with our investors when we manage their portfolios. You have full access to your investment and can monitor its performance at any time. Investors love working with us because they can talk to real people.

Our clients receive the personal assistance they would get from a small firm, along with the knowledge and expertise they get from working with a multinational company.

The way we work gives our clients an opportunity to be an active investor in the cryptocurrency market and helps them avoid missing out on profits. Our best-in-class technology keeps our clients up to date regarding all areas of their investments.

Our Philosophy:

Financial markets, and especially Cryptos, use algorithms to perform on average 80% of all operations. Our team consists of a group of experts whose extensive experience enables them to prevent customers from being exposed to unnecessary risks. Our experts conduct quantitative studies to establish the often “invisible” and undetectable correlations between bitcoin and certain other asset classes, enabling our clients to take market positions with maximum security. We analyze publicly available data, set realistic objectives and take advantages of any developments in the market. Our management and trading skills prepare us to navigate large volatility and take advantage of many short-term trading opportunities.

We structure our operations to use investing in cryptocurrencies as a hedge against other financial risks. In recent years, we have mastered this type of problem. We take positions in cryptos as an ‘hedge-able’ asset class. In this way, it is possible to ‘repair’ losses through synthetic operations.

We have seen that investors sometimes do not invest in cryptos for the right reasons and lose sight of the goal. Ask yourself the following questions.

We try to make your investment work for you in a way that allows you to continue making profits in an extremely volatile market. We can explain to you how to know your market risk exposure while seizing opportunities ++


Every investor should know how to calculate their risk exposure on their global portfolio before investing. This exposition can easily be calculated in real time. Moreover, one should generate what we call “theta income.” This is key to generating better ROI as well as managing risk.

For the foreseeable future, we here at Cryptos Fund Trading see Bitcoin and stocks continuing their long-term upward trends. So, it’s time to take advantage of today’s uncertain markets and be prepared to profit!! Start today!!

What we offer?

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CryptosFundTrading is operated by CFT Group & specializes in Crypto-Currency investments.

If you are interested in learning more about our Group, please complete the form (“CONTACT US”) and a member of the CFT will be in touch right away!

Clients of CFT are able to invest comfortably knowing that all decisions regarding their financial investments are being made based on profitable investment strategies.

CFT Group is currently accepting clients with portfolios over $25,000 in value.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you, and to show you how we can help you build wealth.

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